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Edit your account settings

Need to make a change or two?You can edit your account settings, as well as some information on your public profile, from your Account section.

How it works

Just click or tap your profile picture and go to Account, you’ll find:

  • Personal info: Provide personal details and how we can reach you
  • Login and security: Update your password and secure your account
  • Payments and payouts: Review payments, payouts, coupons, and gift cards
  • Taxes: Manage taxpayer information and tax documents
  • Notifications: Choose notification preferences and how you want to be contacted
  • Privacy and sharing: Control connected apps, what you share, and who sees it
  • Global preferences: Set your default language, currency, and time zone
  • Travel for work: Add a work email for business trip benefits
  • Professional hosting tools: Perfect if you manage several properties
  • Invite friends: It’s more fun when everyone travels
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