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Manage your profile

Share more about yourself to help the Airbnb community get to know you better. Adding information to your profile can help develop connections between Hosts and guests while establishing trust on our platform. Details you choose to share about yourself may be highlighted across the Airbnb platform to Hosts and guests.

What information is shown on your profile

By default, your user profile includes key information that may vary based on whether you’re a Host, guest, or both.

As a Host, this information includes:

  • First name
  • Year you joined Airbnb
  • Years being a Host on Airbnb
  • Average star rating
  • Whether your account information has been confirmed, like your identity or email
  • Reviews by guests
  • Reviews you have left
  • Whether you’re a Host Advisory Board member
  • Whether you’re an supporter
  • Whether you’re a Superhost

As a guest, this information includes:

  • First name
  • Year you joined Airbnb
  • Whether your account information has been confirmed, like your identity or email
  • Reviews by Hosts
  • Reviews you made about stays

          What information is optional on your profile

          The information you add to your profile, beyond the information described above, is optional. This means that which and how much information is included—like what languages you speak, or interests or sports that you indicate—is up to you. Know that you can’t edit the decade you were born or the list of past trips, but you can hide those fields so they don’t show up on your profile. Remember that all information you provide on your profile should meet the standards of our content policy.

          If you’re a Host, consider how a guest may think about the information you include, as it may set expectations for them. For example, if you include “What’s for breakfast,” a guest may expect you to make it for them, and offering add-ons, in some places, may have tax and regulatory implications, too.

          And while we encourage all users to have profile photos, and require them for Hosts, guest profile photos still won’t be shown until after you book.

          How to edit your profile photo

          1. Go to Edit profile
          2. Next to your profile photo, click Edit
          3. Choose to Select from library or Take a photo
          4. Click Submit

          Update your Profile settings from being searchable by search engines (e.g. Google)

          1. Go to your Account
          2. Select Privacy & Sharing
          3. Select Sharing

          Toggle on/off to include your Profile and Listings in search engines. 

          Turning this on means search engines, like Google, will display your profile and listing pages in search results.

          Where else your profile information may appear

          Any information shown on your user profile can be seen by other users of the Airbnb community. Your information may also be highlighted to users across Airbnb, outside of your profile.

          For Rooms Hosts, this information includes:

          • Profile previews in search: We may include a preview of your Host profile in search results when guests are searching for a Room on Airbnb.
          • Occupation highlights in search: The occupation you include on your profile may show in search alongside your listing. Learn how to update this field.
          • Listing page: We may also show a preview of your profile on your listing page.

          For all Hosts, this information includes:

          • Listing page: People can reach your profile by tapping on your profile picture on your listing page.

          For all guests, this information includes:

          • When requesting to book: A limited version of your profile is shown to a Host if you request to book a stay. In this case, before booking, we hide your profile photo but show your first name and reviews. We also may show other details from your profile, like past trips, the location you’re based in, the languages you speak, and your interests.
          • Reviews on listing pages: If a prospective guest is looking at a listing, they can view that listing’s reviews—including any you’ve written. Guests can visit your full profile from any review by you.

          How is your personal information used?

          We use your profile information, like other personal information, in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. To learn more, click here.

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