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Updating your Luxe listings

Self-serve tools are open for Luxe Hosts, making it easier for immediate and more accurate listing content updates. You can update your listing status and content at any time through your account by visiting your listings. This self-serve feature is available 24/7 and is a quick and easy way to make changes without waiting for our team to assist.

It's important to keep your Airbnb listing accurate and up to date at all times. This includes information such as pricing, availability, and any rules or requirements that apply to your guests or the listing. Inaccurate or undisclosed information can lead to misrepresentation, guest dissatisfaction during stays, and negative reviews.

When making major changes, keep in mind that upcoming guest stays may be impacted and you’ll need to honour the original reservation terms. We encourage you to proactively communicate with your guests and/or Trip Designer as soon as possible to let them know about the changes and any alternatives you may be able to offer.

Listing details

The Listing details tab allows you to describe your property and showcase its most important features. This section helps you configure how your listing shows up on a map and provide trip details for guests, like check-in instructions, services and amenities offered, and any accessibility features at the place. To review or make any changes, go to Listings, and select the listing you want to edit.

    Tips on writing guest-facing content

    Remember to use “you” and review grammar and punctuation.

    Avoid using the word “client,” use “guest” instead.


    Map marker

    You can choose how your listing’s location is shown to potential guests by selecting one of these options:

    • General location: We’ll show the general area of your listing to guests searching for a place to stay, but not its exact location. Guests can see your listing’s neighbourhood and how close it is to landmarks, transportation stops, and other points of interest. After their reservation is confirmed, we’ll show them your exact location and address.
    • Specific location: We’ll show a more specific location of your listing to guests searching for a place to stay. Guests will see a small circular pin that shows the location of your listing with great accuracy, but not the exact point. We’ll still show your exact location and address to guests with confirmed reservations.
    • Directions: To make sure your guests can find your property easily, we recommend you include detailed driving directions to the property from the most common airport/port/train station.

    Tips on writing directions:

    • Include GPS coordinates of the property.
    • Use street names and/or landmarks so the directions make sense to someone who’s never been to the area (e.g. don’t copy-paste Google Maps directions with just distances). This is particularly essential if the location of the listing is not accurately represented by standard GPS systems.

    Guest Resources

    Check-in instructions

    Select the appropriate check-in method for the listing and provide any additional details guests may need, such as a gate code or keypad code.

    If a representative will meet the guests for check-in, describe how the typical greeting/orientation tour works. Examples of relevant information to consider including:

    • When and where are they greeted?
    • What information (e.g. related to the amenities) should guests ensure they are provided with by the representative?
    • Is a transfer included?
    • Should guests notify someone when they are leaving the airport?

    Examples of check-in instructions:

    • Kindly call your on-site contact when you are an hour away from the property to re-confirm your arrival time and to coordinate your check-in. If you encounter any delays, please call back to update your expected time of arrival.
    • Please make your way to the villa following the provided driving directions for self check-in. The lockbox code is 1234.

    House manual

    Make your guests feel at home with a thoughtful house manual. Use this section to provide checkout instructions and an on-site representative’s contact details.

    On-site Representative format:

    Name, title, phone number (include country code)

    Booking settings

    Request to book: You’ll receive an email from letting you know when someone has made a booking request. You have 24 hours to accept or decline a booking request before it expires. When you get a request, the corresponding dates will be blocked in your calendar so that other guests can’t request them until you accept or decline the pending request.

    Instant Book: Allows guests to book even faster by giving them the ability to book your place without having to reach out about availability. You set the rules and the requirements up front. Learn more about how to use Instant Book.

    Keep in mind the following if Instant Book is turned off:

    • You may get fewer bookings: Instant Book listings are shown higher in search results and can reach more guests.
    • You’ll need to review every booking request: With Instant Book off, bookings won't be accepted automatically.
    • You’ll need to respond to each request in 24 hours: Late responses can impact your position in search results.

      House rules

      You can modify the general house rules applicable to each of your listings, including suitability for children, permission to bring pets, whether the property is smoking or non-smoking, and permission to host events at the place. Make sure to add any additional rules you may have specific to your place.

      Policies and rules

      You can configure your listing’s cancellation policy and whether it’s on Instant Book or not. If you would like to modify your cancellation policy, review the Host Cancellation Policy before doing so. Note that the new cancellation policy would only apply to future reservations.

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