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Offer for free Airbnb photography

Airbnb is extending a limited-time offer for free photography. This offer is invitation-only; only hosts who receive an email invitation can participate for their specified listing.

Program details

How do I know this link is safe to access?

This link has been sent to you via your Airbnb account and is genuine. Check out more details related to our Professional Photography program.

Why am I being offered a free photo session?

We would like to extend this offer to help you refresh your photo gallery. It’s part of our continued effort to partner closely with our Hosts to support them in improving their listing.

Is my listing required to have a new professional photo session?

No, a professional photo session is not required. This is a fully optional photo session.

Can I transfer this offer to another one of my Airbnb listings?

This is a limited offer and can't be transferred to a different Airbnb listing.

What if I have another listing that I also want to be professionally photographed?

This offer is related to the specific listing noted on your offer page. Please email us at with any requests for additional listings. We’ll review and assess your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the potential benefits?

  • Listings with professional photography stand out against others.
  • In previous studies, we’ve noticed that listings with professional photography may deliver higher earnings and bookings; Hosts with professional photos may earn up to 20% and receive 20% more bookings than other listings in their area.

Note: These numbers are based on a 2021 analysis of earnings, bookings, and professional photography cost reconciliation in a sample of 5,000 global listings with professional photos taken between September 2020 - October 2021. These results were observed among listings that were consistently active on the platform for 8 weeks before and after uploading professional photos.

Please keep in mind that earnings, bookings, and increase to nightly rate may vary by listing. The statistical data shown, from the 2018 global research on Understanding Homes through Visual Representation, are not guaranteed results and Airbnb does not promise or predict a certain outcome or success for your listing.

Who are Airbnb’s photographers?

Since the AirbnbPro Photography Program launched in 2010, we have developed a large network of freelance photographers. Each of our freelance photographers is vetted for quality and adheres to Airbnb’s style guide.

How long is this offer open?

Complementary professional photo sessions are offered for a limited time on a first come, first served basis, and are subject to the availability of the freelance photographers in our network who serve your listing’s location. For details regarding the duration of the offer, please refer to the information in the message you’ve received as well as details on your offer link page.

Can I schedule this for later on in the year or next year?

This is a limited time offer. The offer expiration date will be noted in our message and on the offer page.

Why am I being asked to give my permission for a new profile photo?

In addition to complimentary pro photography of your space, we may offer you the opportunity to have a new profile photo taken, which will be uploaded to your Airbnb account. Having a clear profile picture helps guests get to know you better before their stay.

What happens if I do not accept the offer for a new profile photo before the session?

If you’re not interested in receiving a complimentary profile photo before your session, we’ll advise the photographer not to take it.

What is the easiest way to get in contact with the Airbnb team?

Please click on the link you received from the initial email offering the free professional photography session. From that page, you can contact our team by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner.

Scheduling your photo session

How do I schedule my photo session?

  • After you've accepted your offer for free photography, you’ll be asked to enter prospective dates for the photo session.
  • Once submitted, our team will do our best to connect you with a local freelance photographer. Once the photographer has accepted your request, you’ll receive an introduction via the email address on your Airbnb account.
  • You’ll schedule the time and date of the photo session directly with the photographer.
  • Please be sure to contact the photographer the day before to confirm the time and location for the photo session.
  • Keep in mind that photo sessions are offered on a first come, first served basis and are subject to the availability of local professional photographers in our network for your listing’s location.

How can I make a change to my professional photo session?

  • You may cancel or reschedule a photo session by contacting your photographer directly or by contacting our team via the link from your pro photography session offer.
  • The link to your offer for free pro photography can be located in any of the previous emails from our team.
  • If you reschedule your photo session on more than one occasion, you may lose the opportunity to participate in the project.
  • We request giving the photographer at least 48 hours notice before canceling or rescheduling the photo session.

How long will it take to schedule my photo session?

You’ll be scheduling the photo session directly with the freelance photographer. It may take one to two weeks to schedule a date if you and the photographer can’t match availability quickly.

Preparing for your photo session

How should I prepare for the session?

It’s important to clean and style your space before the photo session because the new photos will give guests a glimpse of what they can expect from a stay in your home. The photographer will be focused on capturing the ideal composition and lighting during the time they spend in your space.

Check out our guide for more information on how to style your space and be best prepared for your photo session.

Best practices for showcasing your space


  • Ensure cars are not parked in the driveway or in front of the house.
  • Put away all garbage cans, recycling bins, newspapers, hoses, etc.
  • Clear all exterior pathways leading into your space.


  • Open all blinds/curtains on windows and doors, and open any closets that you wish to have photographed.
  • Turn off TVs and monitors as well as all lights, including in closets and bathrooms.
  • Clean all visible surfaces such as floors, windows, and mirrors.
  • Remove clutter and organize and straighten furniture, bedding, and interior decor.
  • Hide anything you don't want people to see, such as personal or private items, garbage bins, etc.
  • Put toilet seats down and pull back any shower curtains.

Will the photographer help you style?

The photographer’s role is to take the photos, not to style your space. They may assist with some minor styling like adjusting pillows or turning off lights, but the house must be photo-ready when they arrive. This will ensure that the photographer has enough time allotted to capture all necessary photos.

Do I need to be present for the photo session?

In the event you agree to have a new profile photo taken, you will need to be present for the session. The photographer will not be able to hold a second session to take the new profile photo.

If you have indicated that you do not wish to have a new profile photo taken, you are not required to be present for the photo session as long as the photographer is able to access the space. Please be sure to communicate any special requests or aspects of your space you'd like to be photographed.

After your Airbnb photo session

What kind of photos will I get?

We will upload a set of 2-3 photos per room plus some exterior images to your listing page. Each photo will follow our recommended style guidelines, which means they’ll be naturally lit, warm, and inviting for potential guests. Learn more about our photography style and how to best prepare for your photoshoot.

Will I be able to approve the new images before they’re uploaded to my listing page?

Once the new images have been retouched, they’ll be automatically uploaded to your Airbnb listing page. None of your existing images will be removed. You'll then be able to rearrange and remove images as you prefer. Find out more about how to edit, remove, or add images.

What if I don’t like the new images?

You are always in complete control of your listing page, so you have the ability to remove any of the new photos from your listing page at any time.

When can I expect the new images to be uploaded to my listing page?

Our goal is to have the new images uploaded to your listing page within one week of the photo session.

What if I don’t like my new profile photo?

In the event you don’t like the new profile photo uploaded, you can remove it at any time by going to your profile and uploading a replacement profile photo.

How will my listing photos be used?

Once the new images have been retouched, they’ll be uploaded to your Airbnb listing page. The usage of these images is governed by the Pro Photography and Pro Video Terms of Service to which you will need to review and agree to when accepting the offer, as well as Airbnb's Terms of Service.

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