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Why we require a profile

Updating your Profile is a way to connect to and build trust with Hosts you might want to stay with, or guests who are interested in staying at your place. A strong profile is good for everyone—in fact, some of your profile details are part of the submission to request to book an Icon.

Details you choose to share about yourself may be highlighted across the Airbnb platform

Beyond showing your verified identity and contact info, your profile can offer more details about you, such as:

  • A profile photo that shows your face so others can recognize you when you arrive as a guest, or host a stay or Airbnb Experience.
  • Answers to questions about you, such as where you live, languages you speak, or a fun fact. These details help share your unique personality and experiences.
  • Sharing your interests can help Hosts recommend activities or local things to do.

Where your profile photo is shared

Your profile photo will be shown to other users across Airbnb—like on your listing if you’re a Host and on reviews you leave as a guest.

All Hosts are required to have a profile photo, and some Hosts require the same of their guests to book. Guest profile photos aren’t displayed until after a booking is confirmed.

Taking a clear profile photo

When you’re selecting a profile photo, our guided photo capture experience will try to locate your face and give you AI-powered tips to help ensure your photo is high quality. Learn more about how to add a great profile photo.

Managing your profile

You can update your Profile whenever you choose. Learn more about managing your profile.

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