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Make your listing the destination itself with these updates.
By Airbnb on Jun. 18, 2020
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Updated Apr. 27, 2021


  • Update your listing details and photos to showcase amenities guests want now, like private outdoor space

  • Refresh your guidebook, house rules, and host profile

  • Change your booking settings to attract more guests

As guests start planning trips again, our research shows that they’re open to inspiration. According to a recent survey on Airbnb,* 64% of guests who would consider a trip by car in the next few months haven’t decided where they’d like to go yet—and they’re searching for ideas.

That’s where your listing comes in. For example, guests told us they’re especially interested in outdoor and nature activities—so if you have things like private outdoor space or access to nearby hiking trails, now is a good time to add those details to your listing.

Since guests are interested in finding spaces within driving distance, your listing itself can become the destination—even if you’re in an area that’s not usually popular for travel. We also found that travelers thinking about their next adventure are most interested in weekend getaways that are two to four nights long. If your space has enviable amenities like a private pool or hot tub, you’ll want to let guests know how your space can help them relax.

Here are six elements of your listing you can update to attract guests who are traveling now:

Your listing title and details

Consider updating your listing title to include the reason why your space is perfect for a getaway. You could change your title, details, and amenities to reflect current travel trends.

  • Some of the most desired amenities* include wifi, kitchens, air conditioning, parking, and self check-in, so if you have any of these, emphasize them in your listing
  • Share the details in your listing if you've updated your cleaning routine to meet our new enhanced cleaning protocol
  • If you have private or nearby outdoor space, be sure to include that in your listing title or description
  • You can update your amenities, check-in instructions, house rules, and more across multiple listings at once on your Listings page

Your photos and captions

Think like a guest, and add new pictures to emphasize areas of your space that could be extra appealing to travelers right now.

  • Add photos and captions that highlight any outdoor space, and note in the captions if amenities like pools, hot tubs, or gardens are private
  • It’s also smart to edit your photo captions to reflect what guests want now. For example, if you have a fully stocked kitchen or a comfortable work-from-home area, take extra photos of those spaces and include more info about them in your captions.

Your guidebook

Since guidebooks can be shared publicly on your listing, this is a great way to connect with potential and current guests alike. Most hosts’ guidebooks previously focused on things like dining, shopping, and tourist attractions, but many of those activities may not be relevant at the moment.

  • A guidebook can help guests discover what's great about your area-—and can save you time, since you won't have to make individualized recommendations for each guest
  • Consider adding new details such as your favorite delivery and takeout options and fun outdoor experiences that guests can enjoy now
  • If there are special features in your actual space—such as a well-stocked library or a hammock in the garden—mention these in your guidebook too

Your house rules

In addition to asking guests to follow certain standards around things like excessive noise, cleanliness, parking, and smoking, you might think about including other temporary guidelines in your house rules.

  • For example, if you don’t want to allow extra people in your space, make it clear that you don’t permit your guests to have unauthorized visitors during their stay
  • If you’d like your guests to clean up after themselves, share any cleaning guidelines you’d like them to follow and provide ample supplies

Your host profile

This is a great time to create or refresh your profile. You can use this opportunity to share your personality with guests and help them feel more comfortable staying in your space.

  • Write a little bit about who you are and why you host. Aim for at least two full sentences, or a minimum of 20 words.
  • To make every guest feel welcome, add a message to your profile stating that you invite guests from all walks of life. This not only signals to guests that they belong, but it can also inspire other hosts to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion too.

Your settings

If you want to increase your chances of getting booked, you could adjust your settings to help attract travelers who want flexibility.

  • If you have a strict cancellation policy in place, think about switching to a flexible or moderate one
  • More guests than usual are making last-minute reservations. You can set your reservation preferences for 1-, 2-, or 3-days’ notice
  • You could also turn on Instant Book so guests can reserve your space without waiting for confirmation

We’ll continue sharing travel trends to help you navigate hosting through disruptions caused by COVID-19 and embracing the new world of travel. Please bookmark, and check back regularly for more hosting tips and updates.

*According to a May 2020 Airbnb survey of non-business guests in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia who have stayed in an Airbnb property in the past 12 months

Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


  • Update your listing details and photos to showcase amenities guests want now, like private outdoor space

  • Refresh your guidebook, house rules, and host profile

  • Change your booking settings to attract more guests

Jun. 18, 2020
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